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Uh Oh! Ana Adair was a bad girl…

And like any bad girl, I got a spanking!

Smashwords took Tricked Into Being Their Hucow down because I had some naughty bits in the cover.


So, like a good little girl, I changed the cover. Behold:

So much more classy, don’t ya think?

So, get on over there and get you some Hucow goodness! I’ll put the synopsis and link here for you again. Like I said, I’m a good little girl.

Enjoy! 🙂

Tricked Into Being Their Hucow

Natalie needed money bad. University was sucking her dry and she was doing her best but couldn’t keep her head above water.

Almost like magic, a mysterious ad offers her the help she needs. To her delight, she is accepted for the paid medical study.

Little does Natalie know that the ad was targeted to her specifically. She would find a whole new world as a Hucow at The Thomas Farm.

(BDSM, Hucow, bondage, domination, ff, lesbian domination, orgasm)

Find it at Smashwords!

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