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New Book! The Surrender Project: Seducing Miri

Hey there!

Guess what?

I have been getting emails like crazy once some of you saw that I was back. My too hot for Amazon book, The Surrender Project had some of you wanting more, more and more! So, here we go. I am finishing the series and am releasing the first part in full.

I love this book. It’s one of my prize projects and as I put the finishing touches on the later part of the series, please enjoy the first part, Seducing Miri. And boy is Miri in trouble!

Here is the link with the tagline. Enjoy!

Bondage, discipline, rough sex, it’s all a siren song to Miri. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop herself from going to the dark side.

When the wrong person finds out about Miri’s addictions, she knows how to exploit them. Planting the seed is the first step to a long line of seducing Miri into slavery.

It almost seems too easy, but Selma will dot all her ‘i’s and cross all her ‘t’s. The only problem is, she wasn’t counting on having competition.

(bondage, domination, femdom, orgasm)

Find it at Smashwords!

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