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I’m Back With a New Book!

Hello lovelies! Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. I took a hot, deep stab at this a while ago until life got in the way. Some of you were quite addicted to my writing and I…loved that. I loved it so much.

Guess what?

All is in order now and I now have time to work on my passion…driving yours. 🙂 Get ready to get addicted again!

I’m so excited to release The Black Ballet Shoes, a short but delicious lesbian femdom all about control, forced orgasms and sweet, sweet bondage between a Ballet Instructor and two college students with a surprise at the end. 😉

Here is the link with the tagline. Enjoy, lovelies!

Emma couldn’t believe her luck when she was one of two ballet students to make it into Karen’s elite ballet seminar. She had no idea how much she would come to regret it.

Training took on a new meaning and Emma developed an addiction for the pain and pleasure of ballet, just not in the way she ever dreamed she would.

Ballet will never be the same and neither will Emma. (bondage, femdom, orgasm)

Find it at Smashwords!

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